Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am just getting started here.

I will start this blog with the oldest machine I have worked on. This is an Aldens treadle. I spent hours on cleaning and adjusting this "vibrating shuttle" machine. Wow, this was the strangest bobbin I have ever seen.

I then spent hours stripping and refinishing (tongue Oil) this entire cabinet. Restoration Video Here

Here is a closer look at the machine. It sews great and it looks great. It was sold for $149.00 to a collector in Northern Indiana.

A closer look, and ahhh, by the way, it takes some practice to do the treadle thing and feed fabric at the same time. At least for me!


  1. What a beautiful machine and cabinet! The wood is so pretty.

    About 27 years ago, my husband and I were browsing at the Memphis Flea Market. I saw a treadle cabinet I wanted. I believe it was priced at $50. At the close of the market, I happened back by, and the seller offered to take $25. He didn't want to lug it back to his truck! My sweet hubby carried it to our car and managed to fit it into our Ford Thunderbird.

    I refinished that cabinet. It had been green, brown, and then someone had used an antiquing kit on it. I spent days stripping those layers of paint. The top was missing a good deal of veneer. I bought a piece of oak veneer and replaced it. I later learned that it's a Davis cabinet, but I have never found a Davis machine to place into the cabinet. My 1918 Singer 99 sits on top of the cabinet.

  2. I love old tredle machines. My mom has one she used to use when I was a kid and I remember her sitting at it all the time. I see them sometimes at the thrift store and wish to buy one, but don't know how to fix them up. I hope to learn one day, but until then, they would just sit and take up space. Welcome to blogland!