Monday, October 8, 2012

Singer 15-91 time again!

All of a sudden, the 15-91's are back. Models seem to go in a cycle. I haven't seen a 15-91 in almost a year.


Below is a garage sale find and it is cleaning up very nice.

what year is this? Go HERE and find out

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1916, Singer Model 66 "Red Eye", Treadle Refurb

I recently had the chance to work on an old treadle machine. This machine was in pretty good shape.
The table and stand were also in pretty good shape. I cleaned the machine up and refinished only the top of the table. I also cleaned and repainted the iron treadle stand. I thought it turned out beautiful and it sews a perfect stitch.

 I kept the refurb cost low by just working on the table top and the stand.
I just love these old machines. The engineering and wood work is amazing.