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Kenmore 117.591 Rotary

Singer 347K Parts List

Singer 15-91 Service Manual

221 Featherweight Parts

Franklin Rotary 1926

Pfaff 230-332  Service manual

Elna Carina Parts

Elna Air Electronic Service Manual (All Models)

Singer 306w owners manual

New Home NLB


  1. Hello! I have acquired one of these machines (117.591) and had to take it apart to get it working again. I have put everything together except the thread tension and I can't seem to get it right. Is there any way you can send me a picture of the setup once you take off the levers?

  2. Hey,for the New Home NLB were you ever able to find parts or at least a pedal for it. I found the sewing machine at an antique shop but it didn't have it's pedal and I have no idea if it even came with one.