Saturday, July 30, 2011

A funny thing happened at work today

Today was one of those....."One in a million" days.  I had a chance to do a service call on a Satellite Internet problem. I was going to have to drive about 70 miles to get to this rural location.
When I did finally find the place, I introduced my self and proceeded to get to work and fix the problem.
Every thing seemed to go well and I had them up and going in about 20 minutes. I noticed that this customer had words pertaining to "SEWING" in their customer ID. While I was on hold with Tech Support, I ask if they were into sewing. After receiving a YES answer, I proceed to tell them my sewing machine repair story.
To make a short story even shorter, I ended up working on a machine and actually fixing it while I was there. Talk about a confidence builder. Apparently the machine had fallen and was caught short of bouncing off the floor. BUT, it would not sew anymore. This was an older machine. What I call a "Badge" Machine and they are very well built, Made in Japan, and designed after many of the great Singer models. (More on Badge Machines another day)

The needle was running into the bobbin assembly. I guess, either by catching, or barely bumping the floor,
the whole  bobbin assembly had shifted. I checked the timing and it was where it was supposed to be.
I finally found how to move the whole assembly back into position.

I had to loosen these screws and gently tap the assembly back into position. The black arrow shows the direction. After tightening everything up and loading some thread, it started sewing again. Remember, I have only been doing this since the end of May, 2011, and there is no way I could have done this with out having taken the "Ray White Class". What a great teacher.

A very happy sewer here! I personally love these old machines, especially the colors.

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