Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The 3/4 size machines By Singer

As my sewing machine adventure continues, I have come across some 3/4 size machines. Heavier than the Featherweight, but around the same dimensional size.  The model 99 is actually a miniature model 66. The 185k has it's own unique body. Both have the horizontal, oscillating  hook and use the standard 66 style bobbins and accessories.
Cleaned and adjusted correctly, these machines sew like a dream. Pictured above is a 1956 Model 99.

This 1958 model 185K has the same, 12" base as the model 99. These always come in green and to the best of my knowledge, are only made at the Kilbowie Plant, in Clydebank, Scotland.  Hence the "K" in the model number. Both machines require some sort of stand to operate. I had to make the one pictured above with the 185K. The Kilbowie Plant also made regular style, model 99's. (99k)
Like I said earlier, these "cast iron body" machines are a bit heavier than the "cast aluminum" featherweights.
If you can't afford a Featherweight, but still want a smaller, portable machine that will sew great and last forever, you can usually pick one of these up for under $50.
I just fell in love with them!