Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1951 Singer 301

I came across a Singer 301 which I heard was a very collectable model.
It turns out, that the Singer 301 is very close to a 221-featherweight. The whole functionality and bobbin package looks exactly the same as the featherweight as far as I can tell. Unlike the featherweight, the 301 has a "slant" needle.

Here is a picture of the bobbin assembly and the knob that lowers the feed dogs for free motion sewing.

This Machine came with a 3-drawer table and a special cradle that is required for mounting a 301 into a table.
watch machine demonstration video


  1. I have a 301 just like this one. My tension assembly needs adjusting, though. I agree that it's quite similar to the 221-1, except the 301 is a slant needle and uses slant feet.

  2. I have a black 301 and call her "Black Beauty" because she sews so well :)