Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I never really new what "Sew and Vac" meant until now.

What a strange summer. Very hot and no rain to speak of. I haven't had a
good reason to post until now. I had a machine come through for repair that did
spark my interest. What was this strange tube running to the head of the machine. I thought it was some oiling system at first. After I got the rest of the machine working, I realized it was a "NEEDLE THREADER".  What? It uses suction to thread the needle.  This is a Singer 640 with an internal Cam Stack.

Here is what I'm talking about..........

and more pictures..........This is where it is stored..........You fold it down to use...........

What a great Idea!

This is the actual pump that is located under the machine.

Now I know "The Rest of the Story"

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