Friday, August 24, 2012

1958 Singer Ad

Not a lot of new stuff this summer.
I did open up a Featherweight Case, in for service, and discovered this newspaper ad inside.

This ad is from a 1958, Pontiac, IL newspaper. No credit cards back then so "Singer" the manufacturer, had to carry the note. At $1.33/week, how long did you pay? 2 years , or 110 weeks would make the total pay-off with intrest  $146.30. That is my guess. Does that sound correct to you?
It looks like you had your choice between a Singer Model 221, or a Singer Model 99.
What was the down payment ? Even back in 1958 we had "Fictitious List Prices". (now called MSRP)
What does "NO EXTRAS!" mean? It sounds sort of harsh for an advertisement.

This ad was hand ripped out of a newspaper and saved for all these years. Here is what is on the back side.
Was the ad taken for the Sewing machine info or the cookies?

Some one should follow this recipe and post a comment on it.
Ruthie has made zillions of cookies including "Molasses Cookies"
and has never seen anything like this.


  1. What an interesting find. Those sewing machines were really quite expensive back when they were new, I wonder how much that makes them in today's dollars?

  2. The "No Extras" probably meant you didn't have to pay extra for anything else.The case, attachments and a sewing course were included in that price.