Friday, September 9, 2011

The vintage "Badge" machine

Recently I have had some  "Singer Clones" that are just beautiful. Not only are they as good as the Singers, they are a bit better. They have features that are not found on the Singer machines of this class. Adjustable feed dog dial setting for free motion sewing. New and improved "pressure foot" adjustment control setting and bobbin winding adjustment to name a few. 
These machines can do anything the Singers can do. They can even exchange parts.
Every thing I tried from a 1955, Singer 15-91 fit this machine.
Japanese factories were pouring out thousands of these machines and US marketing companies were buying them up and selling them with their name on them.
The "Badge"  and decals told the story.
The decals made the name (Precision, Deluxe, Universal, Ambassador, Dressmaker, Goodhouse Keeper, Sewmore, Morse, Peerless,Challenge, American Beauty, Fleetwood, Aldens,
Home Electric Deluxe, Standard DeLuxe just to name a few) and the Logo usually included "Japan" or "Made in Japan".
I don't know if the Singer patent ran out or if the US government was just trying to help out Japan.
These are some great machines.

This machine was sold by Sears.

Another great sewing machine made in Japan and sold as a "Sewmore".

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