Friday, September 2, 2011

The Singer 200 series

I am a sucker for any $6.00 Sewing machine that looks like it has all it's parts. I just can't stay away from those flea markets. It even came with a nice table. So, here we have a Singer model 252. My only other Series-200 experience to date has been with a model 237.  This paticular machine was made in Italy. These early zigzags seem to be very popular due to their their power and all steel gears and bushings. I havent seen one with a belt drive underneath like this one. It still has to be better than having plastic gears.

This is a simple, zigzag/blind stitch adjustable machine with a needle position lever and a stitch width lever.
Stitch length and reverse on the lower dial knob.
Drop in bobbin and standard bobbin winding.

Remember I said it was Made in Italy.....

And the belt drive on the bottom shaft

If you ever run into one of these machines at an acceptable price, grab it.
These are extremely simple machines. They are easy to maintain. They sew beautifully once you get the tension set. Full speed sewing has no machine vibration. (Extremely well balanced)

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