Tuesday, June 13, 2017

National Sewing Machine Company. Early 1900's

There is so much information out there on the net that I don't think I have any thing to add. A recent customer shared this with me. It is taken from the first page of an early 1900's, owners manual from the National Sewing Machine Company. It is PRICELESS advice no matter what era you are living in.

The "Standard'' Rotary two-in-one machine, with which this Instruction Book goes is the most perfect machine that was ever made, and most complete in its accessories and attachments.
It should be thoroughly understood by the operator in order to get from it all the
advantages that it is capable of conferring, to know what it will do, and how it will do it, you must carefully study the instructions contained in this book from beginning to end.
By so doing you will find constant delight and surprise at the variety of work that can be accomplished, and at the simplicity  and perfection of the appliances that produce such wonderful results. This machine is like a mine which is full of richness for those who dig for it, but which is only a mountain of rock for those who carelessly walk over its surface. For those who treat it as they have been used to treating sewing machines of older types, it will be only a machine like thousands of others, doing plain sewing; but to those who study this book, and follow its teachings, the machine is a mine of delightful surprises. We will not follow this phase of the subject further than to say, study the instructions,  not  only for the management of the machine in ordinary lock stitch sewing, and in chain stitch sewing, but learn the use of the attachments, hemming, binding, felling, tucking, ruffling etc., until  each  part  becomes a friend to do your bidding.

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  1. Lovely machine! One of these days I need to pull out some of my attachments, and try them out.