Sunday, February 24, 2013

6000 Series Husqvarna Viking

Pre 1980 Viking Husqvarna. The 6000 series
6430 Pictured above
I have had the opportunity to work on several 6000 series Viking machines in the past year.

They are in a class of their own and do require some special handeling.
Every one that I have delt with has had a crack in the internal cam and needed to be replaced.
Other common problems are slugish operation, stuck in reverse and no zigzag.
Whatever Viking used for lubricant back then turned to glue over the years and needs to be completely cleaned and re-lubed. 
These machines are extremely popular to many seasoned sewers.


  1. You know I have often wondered how good these machines after perusing the shelves of eBay and watching them get snapped up. Now I know they have a tendency for crakced cams I'll steer clear of them. Thank you for the informative post!

  2. I have found with my 6020 that when they freeze, usually it is they are gummed up and if you can use PB Blaster on the internal gears and keep working with it it will free up. Sometimes, however, the gears are cracked. I have 3 machines.

  3. Hello, I've had a Viking 6440 stored away for 20 years and just recently brought it out, only to find it frozen solid. After penetrating oil in a number of places, it's working again except for the zigzag.
    Any clues to why?
    Thank you much! .... Carl

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