Monday, November 5, 2012

Singer 31-15 Industrial Machine, I think........

Here is a very old industrial machine that now sews some awsome stitches. Even though I couldn't find a serial number, It does appear to be a Singer 31-15.
It was in bad shape! The finish was chipped and repainted. A good clean and lube and this "Ugly Duckling" is sewing like a champ.

Sorry about the pictures. I hope you can see the great stitches here.


  1. Hi Dan,
    I found your blog while googling Singer 31-15. I have one that I'm trying to put back together. I wanted to ask, (if you don't mind), a few questions: what kind of material would you use to make a replacement gasket for the shuttle race? How do you reassemble the race, hook, and bobbin assembly? Thanks
    Your White Rose Singer is awesome, btw!

  2. When a machine comes through my shop, I certainly have a great time exploring it's inner workings and differences from other similar machines and try and share that info. Unfortunately, I must return them to their owners and have no further access to their workings for reference. The 31-15 still has free manuals available for download. Owners manuals and Parts manuals can be very helpful answering most questions. Just google or send me a e-mail addy. I wish I could help more.........

  3. Dan,
    Email add is amateursarto at gmail dot com. I have the owners manual but it doesn't really help in reassembly of the machine.

  4. Hi This is Lee in Florida. The 31-15 is really just a Singer Model 15 on steroids. Wonderful machine. The bobbin assembly is very similar to that of a Model 15 .. you can see some service suggestion at:

    It is easy to take apart to clean, but sliding the assembly back into place can be a little fussy. You cannot do a complete cleaning without taking the whole thing out.

    Happy Day