Sunday, April 8, 2012

Necchi Nova BF restoration

You have heard me say it before, and you will hear me say it every time I run into these old machines.
I love these classic, straight stitch machines. Man, do they sew nice. They actually "purr".
Most of the problem with these old machines is just grime. They are dirty from the old oil attracting dirt and turning yellow and sticky. You end up spending 2-3 hours just cleaning up the oily scum. Here is a picture of the scrubbed down machine, waiting for a final polish and re-assembly.
The outside is just as important as the inside in my book. The outside is usually just as much work. Old yellowed, oil soaked parts need to be cleaned inside and out. The oil that is available today is superior to what was used in the 40's-50's.

Just like most of the classic, electric machines, I end up rewiring them.

This is the 2nd  NECCHI I have worked on. They are extreamly well made and are also very quite running machines.

What a great, Old sewing machine.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog when searching for info on a Necchi BU Nova. I wish you lived closer to Northern Ontario so I could have you service my machine! Is cleaning it something I could do myself with no mechanical knowledge or aptitude?

    1. Hi Stella,
      Just go for it. Get some TRI-FLOW oil and some Q-Tips.
      Some Windex glass cleaner as a very mild degreaser and maybe some non abrasive car polish to make it shine. You can take the needle plate off, the face plate and the back plate off to clean and oil any "metal-on-metal" moving parts. Use some "Canned Air" to blow out any old , hard to reach lint. Same thing underneath. Brush, blow or wipe any old residue then oil any "metal-on-metal" parts like shaft brackets, bushings and such. You really can't hurt anything as long as you don't take anything apart. I'll bet you can find a friend to help. I also believe that if you look around, you will find a repair person in your area. Check references and ask for the cost in advance.

  2. Looking for a Necchi BF manual and a replacement Motor with Controller and a diagram of the bobbin winder assembly, as I think I am missing a part or a spring on mine...


  3. #7 on this list should help out.
    Watch e-bay for parts.....
    Have Fun!