Sunday, August 7, 2011

Garage Sale sewing machines

I seldom have much luck at garage sales. This week was better than most.
My first purchase was a vintage, "John Denver" LP. Still in the plastic and the vinyl was in mint condition. I had to also buy the first "Greatest Hits" by Elton John. Every song on this was a HIT! Plastic still on the jacket and the vinyl in the sleeve was virtually, un-played. (Did I mention I like the old Records?)
I couldn't even drive across town this Saturday with out seeing Garage Sale signs plastered every other block.
I was on a Quest for SEWING Machines! Here is what I ended up with.

The Singer "Touch-&-Sew" line is new to me. This model 626 was pretty dirty but cleaned up well. I actually got a chance today, to service this machine completely. I had to learn how to wind a bobbin. It is wound in the bobbin case. Very wierd. The bobbins are even wierd. They unscrew top from bottom if you want to strip them quick. I had time for a sew test and it actually sews very nicely with a great zigzag stitch.
  Garage sale Price Paid for this machine .......$5.00

Some how, I came across another "Touch-&-Sew". The model 648 which has a cam stack for several decorative stitches.
It came with a table but was missing the stitch length lever.

Garage Sale Price Paid for machine and table.......Free

I finally got to my original Garage Sale destination that had advertised an "Antique" sewing machine. Here is what I ended up with.

A 1934, 15-91 Singer with sewing table, owners manual, lots of needles but no accessories. Mint Condition. Wow
Garage Sale Price Paid for machine and table.......$35.00

Some days are better than others............


  1. Could use your input on a 1920's White Rotary Sewing Machine. It was used for decor and has not been used for at 15 years. I have asked questions to a man who is not familiar with a machine. He did send me a video. The motor does run but would need rewiring. It comes with attachments & cabinet. He is asking $150. Travel time is 5 hours round trip. Thanks. Lucy

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