Saturday, August 15, 2020

1970's Badge Machine....well, kind of....


Another very nice "BADGE" machine. Yes it says DOMESTIC on it, but the Domestic Sewing Machine Company was long gone by this time. White sewing Machine Company took it over in 1924.

The Tag on the back says "Made in TAIWAN".  Manufactured for, and guaranteed by "Standard Equipment Sewing Corp".   11750  Berea Road, Cleveland, OH 44111. What is interesting, is that "White Consolidated Industries" which "White sewing machine Company" was a part of was right next door at 11760 Berea Road back in the Late 70's. It had something to do with White Sewing Machines for sure.

Regardless of where it came from. This is one sweet machine. Rescued just short of the Goodwill drop off. Nothing fancy but a great work horse for the Mask Making Frenzy we are currently experiencing.

I believe the past owner had a problem with the tension. After a thorough clean and lube, this machine may just have found a permanent home.